About College Scholars

Mission Statement

College Scholars is an enrichment and mentoring honors-track program developed and funded by the College of Arts & Sciences with the goal of providing the kinds of experiences and opportunities that help high-achieving students reach their potential.  Membership is by invitation* and is based on a student’s academic record.  The focus of the curriculum is on the first two years at the University of Oregon.  In small-enrollment General Education courses (including the Reacting-to-the-Past courses) and Freshman Colloquia, students develop their academic skills and learn about the wide array of scholarly activities at the University of Oregon.  Each quarter, students are invited to College Scholar Events that present information about distinguished scholarships, undergraduate research, and other important topics.  During the junior and senior years, there is continuing mentoring and advising to help students launch their careers via research assistantships, internships, and departmental honors.

*Students who have not received an invitation, but who feel they could benefit from becoming a College Scholar, should email to collegescholars@cas.uoregon.edu.