About College Scholars

Announcement for all College Scholars, Prospective Students, and Faculty:

College Scholars will not be admitting a new freshman class in Fall 2016.

The program is being reconceived so that it may better serve the ever-evolving needs of our students.  A new version of the program with a new mandate- and a new name- is being developed.  We hope it will begin admitting students in Fall 2018.

In the meantime, we plan to make some hitherto unique features of College Scholars more widely available (such as our Reacting To The Past courses), so that students from the general population can benefit from the innovations we have developed.

Current College Scholars students will need to complete their requirements over the course of the next year if they wish to participate in a final College Scholars Graduation Ceremony, to be held at the end of Spring term in 2017.  The “Above and Beyond” requirement will be waived for all current freshmen and sophomores, but you will still need to meet your Event and Course requirements to graduate from the program.  If you are unsure what requirements you have to meet, please consult the relevant page of our website: http://csch.uoregon.edu/program-requirements/

The students, faculty, and administrators who have contributed to the life of the College Scholars program over the past years have every reason to be proud of their work.  I sincerely thank you all for your efforts, service, and support; and I hope many of you will be able to participate in a renewed version of the program, in the not too distant future.

With sincere respect and good wishes to all,

Ben Saunders

Director, College Scholars