Greenwich Village, 1913: Suffrage Labor, and the New Woman

CRN – 36439
Schedule – TR 1000-1150
Location – 475 MCK
Professor Dorothee Ostmeier

It is 1913: Join Polly’s Restaurant in Greenwich Village and meet with Suffrage, Labor and Women’s Movement activists, and try to persuade the Villagers to commit themselves to organizing, publicizing, and participating in a woman suffrage parade down Pennsylvania Ave, recruit Villagers to help organize, create, direct, and publicize a pageant at Madison Square Garden calling attention to the strike of silk workers in the Paterson  Avenue on the eve of Woodrow Wilson’s inauguration, New Jersey etc. Let’s celebrate, practice and engage into political and social activism of Pre WWI. You will meet, confront and talk to the glorious Mabel Dodge, dashing Max Eastman, recently named editor of The Masses, the irrepressible anarchist, Emma Goldman, W. E. B. DuBois, editor of the NAACP’s Crisis, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, author of sober economic treatises on women’s subjugation, and Margaret Sanger, advocate of birth control, and many, many more.