General Education Courses

Regular Four-Credit Group-Satisfying Courses

Reserved Exclusively for College Scholars

In order to graduate, every UO student must complete a number of group-satisfying courses in arts and letters, social sciences, and natural sciences, as well as courses in multi-cultural topics and writing. These required courses are called general-education courses.

Each term, the College Scholars program offers three or more specially selected group-satisfying courses that are reserved specifically for College Scholars. This enables College Scholars to fulfill some general-education requirements with fellow scholar members in a small class setting taught by an exceptional professor.

Each fall term, newly admitted College Scholars are encouraged to demonstrate their commitment to the program by enrolling in a one-credit colloquium plus a four-credit group-satisfying course reserved solely for College Scholars. Completion of three CSCH group-satisfying courses before graduations fulfills one of the requirements for receiving College Scholars recognition at graduation.

PLEASE NOTE: Students enrolled in the Robert D. Clark Honors College complete their general-education requirements within the Honors College. College Scholars participants, who are simultaneously enrolled in the Honors College are therefore exempt from the College Scholars general-education requirements delineated above.

Fall 2015
ENG 106 Introduction To Poetry  (Arts & Letters) – Courtney Thorsson
ENG 395 20th-Century Literature (Arts & Letters) – TBA
ASTR 123 Galaxies and the Expanding Universe (Science) – Jim Imamura

Winter 2016
ENG 241 Introduction to African American Literature (Arts & Letters/Multicultural IP) – Courtney Thorsson
PSY330 Thinking (Social Science) – Dare Baldwin
EC 201 Introduction to Economic Analysis: Microeconomics (Social Science) – Bill Harbaugh

Spring 2016
ENG316 Women Writers’ Forms – Topic: African American Women’s Novels (Multicultural IP) – Courtney Thorsson
MATH 231 Elements of Discrete Mathematics I (Science) – Benjamin Young
PSY 376 Child Development (Social Science) – Dare Baldwin
PHYS 155 Physics behind the Internet (Science) – Greg Bothan