Colloquia 16-17

As the program winds down, Colloquia will be offered only in Fall term. This should allow everyone to complete the requirement.

Incoming freshmen committed to College Scholars must complete two introductory colloquium courses before the end of their first year at the UO. These Freshmen Colloquia are one-credit pass/no pass classes that focus attention on faculty and research in one of the three academic areas: humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Distinguished faculty from a variety of departments within that academic area will be invited to discuss their research and opportunities for student involvement. These classes meet for only one hour per week, so you should not find it difficult to add one to a regular course load.

Fall 2016

CRN Colloquia Day/Time Professor
11199 CAS110 – Humanities W 1600-1650 Bovilsky
11200 CAS120 – Science M 1600-1650 Schombert
11201 CAS130 – Social Science T 1600-1650 Scher