General Education AY 16-17

Regular Four-Credit Group-Satisfying Courses

Reserved Exclusively for College Scholars

In order to graduate, every UO student must complete a number of group-satisfying courses in arts and letters, social sciences, and natural sciences, as well as courses in multi-cultural topics and writing. These required courses are called general-education courses.

Each term, the College Scholars program offers three or more specially selected group-satisfying courses that are reserved specifically for College Scholars. This enables College Scholars to fulfill some general-education requirements with fellow scholar members in a small class setting taught by an exceptional professor.

PLEASE NOTE: Students enrolled in the Robert D. Clark Honors College complete their general-education requirements within the Honors College. College Scholars participants, who are simultaneously enrolled in the Honors College are therefore exempt from the College Scholars general-education requirements delineated above.

Fall 2016
ENG244 Intro Native American Literature(Arts & Letters/Multicultural – IP) – Kirby Brown
WGS 410 Feminist Science Fiction  – Carol Stabile, College Scholars has been given 15 seats in this class. If you wish to enroll contact Leah Foy,

Winter 2017
ENG361 Native American Writers (Multicultural – IP) – Kirby Brown
EC 201 Introduction to Economic Analysis: Microeconomics (Social Science) – Bill Harbaugh

Spring 2017
ENG 381 Film, Media & Culture (Arts & Letters/Multicultural – IP) – Kirby Brown
PHIL 322 Philosophy of Film  (Arts & Letters) – Steven Brence
CIS 105 Explorations in Computing (Science) – Stephen Fickas
ASTR 123 Galaxies and the Expanding Universe (Science) – Jim Imamura