For many students, internships play an important role in making decisions about future career plans, gaining professional experience, networking with potential future employers, and securing letters of recommendation for future job applications. There are many different types of internships, including those that are paid, unpaid, or completed for course credit. They have various types of commitment requirements, eligibility, and job descriptions. There are many internship programs both on and off campus.

To find an internship that meets your needs, we recommend the following three steps

  1. Check out the websites for the Career Center and for IE3 (below).
  2. Contact your peer advisor to schedule an appointment to discuss internships.
  3. Make an appointment to discuss internship possibilities  with Ben Saunders, Director of College Scholars (

careercentlogo-150x150  The Career Center is the university’s portal to all sorts of jobs and internships. Their JobLink website is a formidable source for locating and acquiring internships and jobs both on campus and in the surrounding areas. The site is constantly updated so it is must for job/internship seekers. In addition to their website, visiting the career center is a great idea for students that want to work on their resume and job acquiring skills. They offer free advising and host a variety of workshops throughout the year. Click here for job and internship postings from The Career Center.

IE3 logo  IE3 offers a unique opportunity for all students to obtain professional experience abroad. Its program enables students to acquire international internships in various fields and different locations throughout the world. Credit is offered depending on assignment but must be prearranged with an on-campus advisor. The vital application requirements consist of an essay, deposit, interview and resume. Click here for more information on IE3.