EC201 Intro to Economic Analysis: Microeconomics

Fulfills General Education Social Science Requirement

Schedule – TBD
Location – TBD
Professor Bill Harbaugh

There are two main branches to economics – micro and macro. Macro is concerned with long run economic growth and short run fluctuations that affect the economy as a whole, like unemployment, GDP, and inflation. Microeconomics covers everything else, and is much more interesting! The questions we will address include why college graduates earn so much money, why Americans work so much more than Europeans, when the world will run out of oil, whether we should reduce pollution with taxes or with regulations, why the Republican and Democratic platforms tend to be so similar, and why (and should) CEO’s get paid so much money.  This course attempts to provide you with the analytical tools for thinking logically about these questions and a host of other ones. Methods include lectures and discussions, as well as computerized experiments where you can participate in economic transactions for real money, and then compare your behavior with theoretical predictions.