Honors Housing

While living in honors housing is not required of College Scholars, these sections of UO residence halls reserved exclusively for honors students offer a chance to be surrounded by peers who recognize your need for dedicated academic time during your off hours. Complete the appropriate information on your housing contract or contact the Housing Office directly at 541-346-4277. Requests for honors housing will be accepted only through the third week of July, so follow through now to preserve this option.

Students participating in the College Scholars program have the unique opportunity to live in the new Global Scholars Hall, located South of the Bean complex.

The Global Scholars Hall is an innovative learning community focused on academic success and cultural diversity. When living in the hall, one may opt to join a language immersion program in Chinese, French, German, Japanese or Spanish. If you are seeking proficiency in one of these five languages, then the GSH might be an ideal choice for you. However, it is not required that you participate in a language immersion program to live in the GSH.

Living in the hall also provides students with access to a resident scholar, learning commons, six classrooms, an on-site librarian and a GTF.