First Year Requirements:
* Two of the Freshmen Colloquia courses
* One Reacting to the Past course
* One other 4-credit course

Second Year Requirements:
* Two additional 4-credit courses

Third Year Requirements:
Students are encouraged to complete or make plans for their Above and Beyond requirement. The goal of this requirement is for you participate in activities that go “above and beyond” the minimum requirements for an undergraduate degree. These activities will contribute to your career development. This requirement can be satisfied by:

  • Working in a lab as an undergraduate research assistant
  • Working as an undergraduate teaching assistant
  • Completing an internship (on or off campus)
  • Participating in the Study Abroad program
  • Fulfilling the honors requirements in the student’s major

Additional requirements
* Attendance at four College Scholar Events by the end of your Senior Year
* Above and Beyond requirement (completed by the end of Senior Year)
* GPA of 3.5 or higher

For a list of current courses, please see CSCH Current Courses

Note: Clark Honors College Students are exempt from the general-education requirement.